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How to Train a Dog To Poop and Pee in One Spot

How to Train a Dog To Poop and Pee in One Spot

For those of us who have pets, one of the biggest problems that plague us is probably the dog's fecal problem. Put the dog in the toilet it does not pee, is to urinate and defecate anywhere, and also do not listen to the command. So that the whole house is the smell of dog excrement. Imagine how bad that scene is!

So, how to solve such a situation? The following article will tell how to get your dog to one spot urinating and defecating.

First of all, when the dog is too small is certainly not to train it, you can only do moderate guidance. By the time the dog is two months old, the dog is like a human baby and does not understand anything. And peeing and defecation are not well controlled. By the time the dog is three months old when the training begins, the training process, owner should be patient, do not be too aggressive to the dog, or the dog will be afraid of you.

Training dogs to urinate and defecate needs to pay attention to these points, let's take a look at it!

  • 1. Set a Fixed "Toilet"
  • 2. Guide The Dog to The Toilet to Defecate
  • 3. More Rewards for Dogs
  • 4. Patience Training

1Set a Fixed "Toilet"

1. Set a Fixed

Dogs three months when you start gradually training, the first point, you have to get a fixed "toilet" for the dog. As far away as possible from the dog's eating or resting place. Then put the dog's previous feces or urine in the owner's set fixed toilet for it. Then carry the dog to the set toilet and make the dog smell its feces and urine to familiarize him with the "toilet".

2Guide The Dog to The Toilet to Defecate

2. Guide The Dog to The Toilet to Defecate

The second point is that the owner should learn to observe the dog's actions before defecating, and then to guide the dog to the toilet to defecate. The general dog, before defecating will sniff around or turn back and forth in circles. This time you need to slowly carry the dog to the fixed toilet, the owner's actions can not be too rough, the dog will be afraid, thus forgetting the defecation. Dogs will also generally have defecation behavior when they wake up from a nap and after eating. This is something that needs to be observed by the dog owner during normal times. The owner should leave when the dog reaches the toilet and not play with it during the period. This way the dog will also forget to go to the toilet, after all, the dog is too small.

3More Rewards for Dogs

3. More Rewards for Dogs

The third point is to reward the dog more, the dog-specific place defecation is completed, the owner should be appropriate verbal rewards. And pet the dog with your hand, you can also be rewarded with a snack. To repeatedly train the dog to go to a specific toilet without the owner to guide the situation. Generally will take a week, the owner must have patience, this is very important. Dogs in the small-time can not be repeatedly fierce it, or the dog will be afraid, the formation of grown-up afraid to barking and other behavior.

4Patience Training

Patience Training

The fourth point is that after the dog enters the fixed toilet in the early stage, it will certainly not be good enough to go to the toilet. For this situation, we can use the fence to enclose the dog, and then put the dog excrement items in it, until the dog finished urinating and defecating and then put it out. After going to the bathroom, the owner should also give the dog some kind of reward to let him know that he did a good job and did the right thing!

Important Note

Owners should be aware here that if the dog poops and pee in a location other than the fixed toilet. Then the owners should use some odor removing cleaner to clean and completely remove the smell of dog excrement and pee. Because the dog will habitually go to the location of the previous excrement as their toilet. That's why it should be thoroughly cleaned of its odor to prevent future problems.

The Bottom Line

In fact, the most important point of pet behavior training is still to have patience, even if the dog has learned to urinate and defecate in a fixed place, then it is still necessary to practice more to ensure that the dog has to urinate and defecate in the appropriate place each time. Generally speaking, the dog has to be five or six months old when its muscles can control defecation like an adult dog.

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