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These 10 Types of Food Dogs Better Not Eat!

These Food Dogs Better Not Eat

People who have dogs should know that dogs are really very voracious eaters and have no resistance to food. But be aware that what humans can eat, dogs may not also be able to eat!

Human food is usually not shared with your dog, especially cooked food, often with too much fat and seasoning added. If you give your dog to eat for a long time can seriously damage your dog's health, or even endanger life.

The following 10 types of food dogs better not eat, some are deadly! All owners who love it must pay strict attention!

  • 1. Chocolate
  • 2. Sweet Food
  • 3. Caffeine
  • 4. Tofu
  • 5. Grapes
  • 6. Milk
  • 7. Some Bones
  • 8. Cat Food
  • 9. Onion
  • 10. Certain Vegetables


These 10 Types of Food Dogs Better Not Eat! -1. Chocolate

Most dog owners know that chocolate for dogs is equivalent to arsenic, the more pure chocolate can not be fed! Dogs can vomit, have dehydration, abdominal pain, muscle tremors, irregular heart rate, increased body temperature, convulsions, and even death after accidental ingestion.

2Sweet Food

These 10 Types of Food Dogs Better Not Eat! -2. Sweet Food

Sweet tooth-like life is probably a common problem for dogs and people, but treats, sugar, and other sweet food are very easy to lead to obesity. And also easy to cause calcium absorption and worm teeth, and dogs are unable to break down their own sugar is not good for dogs. For the sake of dog health, please do not do so.


These 10 Types of Food Dogs Better Not Eat! -3. Caffeine

Stimulates the nervous system of the dog, leading to vomiting, restlessness, palpitations, and even the possibility of death.


These 10 Types of Food Dogs Better Not Eat! -4. Tofu

Avoid using tofu or other soy products as a food source for dogs, especially those with thick chests, such as Great Danes. These foods can stimulate mucus production and can easily cause life-threatening stomach swelling.


These 10 Types of Food Dogs Better Not Eat! -5. Grapes

Dogs that accidentally ingest grapes can suffer from kidney failure within a short period of time, followed by death within 3 to 4 days. However, each dog is different and some do not show signs of kidney failure, but may suffer from vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, dehydration, and loss of appetite.


These 10 Types of Food Dogs Better Not Eat! -6. Milk

Although many puppies, at birth, grow up drinking their mother's milk, most dogs suffer from lactose intolerance as adults. Some dogs experience vomiting, diarrhea, and other digestive disorders after consuming milk. Although not immediately life-threatening, they can easily cause serious bacterial infections. Some dogs are perfectly fine with milk, so it depends on the dog's constitution.

7Some Bones

These 10 Types of Food Dogs Better Not Eat! -7. Some Bones

Dogs love to chew bones, but not all bones are suitable for dogs. For example, fish bones, chicken bones, duck bones, because it is relatively hard and easy to bite the small point, easy to stab the dog's esophagus. So it is recommended to give the dog to chew bones should choose the large bones of pigs, cattle and sheep, can give the dog to play the effect of grinding teeth!

8Cat Food

These 10 Types of Food Dogs Better Not Eat! -8. Cat Food

If you have both a dog and a cat, you need to pay attention, your dog may desperately grab the cat food. But cat food is rich in protein because cats have a higher demand for protein than dogs. And too much protein intake for dogs is not good for their growth. So remember to feed your dog first, so he won't have to grab the cat food.


These 10 Types of Food Dogs Better Not Eat! -9. Onion

Onions are prone to poisoning because of an enzyme contained in onions that are at work. Small amounts of onion may be mixed in beef pancakes, burgers, and other foods. When feeding dogs with human food. Be careful to check whether the fed food is mixed with onions.

10Certain Vegetables

These 10 Types of Food Dogs Better Not Eat! -10. Certain Vegetables

Pepper, chili, mustard, mustard seeds, ginger, and other seasonings can affect the dog's sense of smell sensitivity, so do not feed it.

The Bottom Line

In addition to some of these foods, you should be most concerned about the problem of dog obesity. If you think your dog is growing too fat, you should feed it less starchy food, and you can use more soup to fill up its stomach. Meat can be replaced by leaner meat with less fat. Of course, sweet treats should never be fed to him.


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