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Shiba Inu

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Shiba Inu (Sitting, Face)
Sitting, Face

Breed Information


2022: #43

2021: #42

2020: #43

2019: #45

2018: #44

2017: #45

2016: #44

2015: #45

Name Shiba Inu
Other names Brushwood Dog, Japanese Small-size Dog, Japanese Shiba Inu, Shiba Ken, Shiba
Origin Japan
Breed Group Non Sporting (AKC:1992)
Size Small to Medium
Type Purebred
Life span 12-15 years









Male: 14-16 inches (36-41 cm)

Female: 13-15 inches (33-38 cm)


Male: 18-25 pounds (8-11 kg)

Female: 15-20 pounds (6.8-9 kg)


Black & Tan



Red Sesame

Litter Size 2-4 puppies
Puppy Prices

Average $1500 - $2500 USD

The purebred Japanese variety is the more expensive one. Usually, the average cost of purchasing a pet quality puppy from a reputable breeder is about $1,500 to $2,500. However, for a Shiba Inu puppy with top breed lines and a superior pedigree, you may need to pay between $3,500 and $5,000.

Breed Characteristics


4 stars

Apartment Friendly

5 stars

The Shiba will do okay in an apartment if is sufficiently exercised. It is moderately active indoors and will do best with at least an average-sized yard. The Shiba's waterproof, all-weather coat protects it in both cold and hot conditions, so it can live outdoors if you have a secure yard of reasonable size. However, it does regard itself as part of the family and does not like to be left alone outside. This breed would be much happier living indoors with its family.

Barking Tendencies

2 stars


Cat Friendly

2 stars

Child Friendly

3 stars

Good with Kids: This is a suitable breed for kids and is known to be playful, energetic, and affectionate around them.

Dog Friendly

3 stars

Exercise Needs

3 stars

The Shiba Inu is an undemanding dog that will adapt to your circumstances, so long as it gets a daily walk. It is a very active dog and will be healthier and happier with regular exercise. This breed can walk for hours on end as it has tremendous endurance.


2 stars

Moderate Maintenance: Grooming should be performed regularly to keep its fur in good shape.

Health Issues

3 stars

Hypoallergenic: No


2 stars

Ranking: #49 Full Ranking List


3 stars

Shedding Level

4 stars

Constant and Seasonal Shedding: Brush the coat weekly with a slicker brush to remove dead hair and distribute skin oils. Twice a year, in spring and fall, the coat sheds heavily for two to three weeks. During this time, you can expect to have piles of fur everywhere and a Shiba with a moth-eaten appearance. Don’t worry unless you see bald patches. A warm bath followed by more brushing and thorough blow drying until the dog is completely dry will help to loosen the hair and speed up the shed.

Stranger Friendly

2 stars


4 stars

Moderately Easy Training: It is best to make training seem like playtime, because this dog is very independent and thinks for itself.

Watchdog Ability

4 stars

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Shiba Inu Puppy (Standing, Face)
Standing, Face

Shiba Inu Names

Rank Boy Names Girl Names
01 Max Bella
02 Cooper Molly
03 Rex Ginger
04 Jack Layla
05 Toby Sandy
06 Ace Stella
07 Tucker Zoey
08 Milo Ella
09 Bo Piper
10 Louie Dixie
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The Shiba Inu is moderately compact, being slightly longer than it is tall. It has typical traits of dogs from Northern heritage: small erect ears, thick fur, powerful body and curled tail. Its expression is bold, spirited and good-natured. The gait is light, quick and agile, with an effortless, smooth stride. The double coat consists of a strong straight outer coat with a soft undercoat, imparting great insulation. These traits enabled the shiba to hunt small game through dense cover.

Bold, independent and headstrong, the shiba is brimming with self-confidence. It is lively outdoors, yet calm indoors, as long as it gets daily exercise. It may be aggressive with strange dogs of the same sex and may chase small animals. It is a hardy breed, ready for adventure. Some tend to be headstrong and domineering. It is territorial, alert and reserved with strangers — ingredients making for an excellent watchdog. It is quite vocal; some bark a lot.


The Shiba is the smallest of the Japanese native breeds, which include the Kai Inu, Hokkaido Inu, Kishu Inu, Shikoku Inu, Tosa Inu and the Akita Inu. Despite its smaller size it was bred to hunt small wild game, bear, boar and to flush birds. The name Shiba means, both "small" and "brushwood" in Japanese. It may have been named after the terrain the dogs hunted in or the color of the Shiba's coat, or perhaps the dog's size. The word "Inu" means "dog." As with many breeds, the second world war nearly did the breed in. After the war was over, several breeding programs worked to bring the breed back to safe numbers. The Shiba is one of the most popular breeds in Japan today and is gaining numbers in the USA. The Shiba Inu was recognized by the AKC in 1992. Some of the Shiba's talents include: hunting, tracking, watchdog, guarding, agility and performing tricks.

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