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Can A Dog's Broken Bone Heal On Its Own?

Can A Dog's Broken Bone Heal On Its Own?

Answer: Mild, yes. Severe, no.

If it is a mild fracture, it will take 1-3 months for the bone to heal itself. But the bone may be deformed after self-healing. However, severe fractures cannot heal on their own. Injuries usually involve blood vessels, nerves, and skin. Therefore, doctors need to diagnose and treat dog fractures.

It is worth noting that Puppies heal very quickly, but the older they are, the slower their healing ability becomes. The healing speed of different fracture sites varies according to treatment plans after leg fractures.

There are three main stages of recovery after a dog fracture:

1. The first stage is 0-8 days after the injury. At this stage, your veterinarian will recommend using splints or cardboard to protect your dog's thighs.

2. The second stage of bone growth is callus formation, which lasts for 9-16 days. A dog's best time for growing bones is during this stage. Therefore, it is best to give the dog a lot of nutrition. You can buy some food for the dog that will help it grow bones. The medicine for bone growth and development in dogs is generally "Carnivor Beef Aminos." The ingredients are safe, and long-term consumption will not damage liver function and help a dog's bone calluses form.

3. The third stage is when the callus is remodeled or when the useful callus continues to grow, and the useless callus softens and dissolves. At this time, you can take the dog out for many walks.

Also, please remember...

If the fracture is below the hip, elbow, or knee joint, and if, after restoring its position, the fracture can be maintained, then external fixation can be used. If the fracture is above the joint, internal fixation can only be used through surgery. Regardless of whether it is internal or external fixation, after the treatment, within two weeks, you have to restrict your dog's movement. Two weeks later, your pet should be able to move freely again. At the same time, the whole body needs to be treated with antibiotics to prevent and control infection.

After 24-48 hours of external fixation, check whether there is swelling under the bandage. If so, it means that the bandage was too tight and needs to be loosened. During recovery, dogs should receive calcium and vitamin A and D supplements to promote bone healing.

The bandages are usually removed after 45-60 days for external fixation, and the bone marrow pin or bone plate can be removed after 90 days for internal fixation.


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