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Collie (Standing, Sable & White)
Standing, Sable & White

Breed Information


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2021: #38

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Name Collie
Other names Rough Collie, Scottish Collie, Long-haired Collie, English Collie, Lassie Dog
Origin United Kingdom
Breed Group Herding (AKC:1885 & UKC)
Size Large
Type Purebred
Life span 14-16 years









Male: 24-26 inches (61-66 cm)

Female: 22-24 inches (56-61 cm)


Male: 60-75 pounds (27-34 kg)

Female: 50-65 pounds (23-29 kg)


Black White & Tan

Blue Merle

Blue Merle & White


Sable & White


White Merle

Litter Size 4-8 puppies
Puppy Prices

Average $1200 - $1800 USD

Usually, the average price of a Collie puppy from a reputable breeder is between $1,200 and $1,800, while a top-quality Collie puppy can cost as high as $3,500 and upward. Their price depends upon the pup’s age, sex, quality, pedigree, and breeder’s location.

Breed Characteristics


4 stars

Apartment Friendly

2 stars

The Collie will dog okay in an apartment as long as it is sufficiently exercised. They are relatively inactive indoors and do best with at least an average-sized yard. Sensitive to the heat. Provide plenty of shade and fresh water in warm weather.

Barking Tendencies

3 stars


Cat Friendly

5 stars

Child Friendly

5 stars

Good with Kids: This is a suitable breed for kids and is known to be playful, energetic, and affectionate around them.

Dog Friendly

5 stars

Exercise Needs

5 stars

The Collie needs plenty of exercise, which includes a daily, long walk. In addition, they would enjoy some romps off the leash in a safe area.


5 stars

High Maintenance: Grooming should be performed often to keep the dog's coat in good shape. Professional groomers can be sought after for assistance. Occasional trimming or stripping needed.

Health Issues

4 stars

Hypoallergenic: No


5 stars

Ranking: #16 Full Ranking List


3 stars

Shedding Level

5 stars

Constant and Seasonal Shedding: Rough Collies go through a heavy shed twice a year, called blowing coat. During this time, brush him daily to keep all the loose hair under control. The Smooth Collie doesn’t blow his coat, but he sheds more throughout the year than the Rough Collie does.

Stranger Friendly

3 stars


5 stars

Easy Training: The Collie has a well-deserved reputation of being easy to train. Collies are eager to learn and obey. They are sensitive to the tone of the trainer's voice, so good results can be achieved through positive reinforcement. If Collies are trained too harshly they may become afraid or refuse to cooperate. Collies are quickly housetrained..

Watchdog Ability

5 stars

Great Watchdog Ability: This dog will bark and alert its owners when an intruder is present. It is moderately protective of its owners and are generally considered to be good guardians.

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Collie Puppy (Blue Merle & White, Sable & White)
Blue Merle & White, Sable & White

Collie Names

Rank Boy Names Girl Names
01 Charlie Lucy
02 Sam Sadie
03 Rocky Molly
04 Loki Lady
05 Duke Roxy
06 Oliver Chloe
07 Hank Stella
08 Teddy Roxy
09 Louie Sandy
10 Bailey Coco
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The Collie is an active, lithe, strong dog that combines strength, speed and grace. Its gait suggests effortless speed as well as the ability to change speed and direction instantly, as required in herding dogs. The coat can be of two types, both with a soft, abundant undercoat. The outer coat of the smooth variety is short, hard and flat; that of the rough variety is straight, harsh, abundant and long, particularly on the mane and ruff. The collie's expression is an important hallmark of the breed, and depends upon the shape and balance of the skull and muzzle, as well as the characteristics of the eyes and ears. It should be bright, alert and intelligent — traits accentuated by a fairly refined head.

Collies are impressive dogs; friendly, highly-intelligent, proud, and beautiful. They are great at understanding human's moods and they are very fond of children, making them ideal family pets. Collies require daily exercise and human interaction to be happy. Gentle training is all that is required for a Collie to learn easily and quickly. They have historically been and continue to be beloved family companions.


The origin of the Collie (also known as the ‘Scottish Collie’), the prototypical Sheepdog, is wrapped in mystery. Even the origination of the name ‘Collie’ is unknown, but it may derive from the Gaelic word for ‘useful’. The first recorded evidence of the breed dates to around 1800, when both rough-coated and smooth-coated versions, used for sheepherding and guarding, arrived with Celts on the British Isles. They grew in popularity, and were brought to America in the late 1800’s to serve as sheepherders. The standard created for the Collie in 1885 remains unchanged today. You may have heard of a famous Collie by the name of ‘Lassie’. Lassie brought attention to the rough-coated Collie, helping them to become one of the most popular American breeds and proving that they are a great help when little Timmy falls down the well.

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