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English Cocker Spaniel

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English Cocker Spaniel (Golden, Face)
Golden, Face

Breed Information


2022: #40

2021: #43

2020: #47

2019: #50

2018: #52

2017: #52

2016: #56

2015: #60

Name English Cocker Spaniel
Other names Cocker, Merry Cocker Woker
Origin United Kingdom
Breed Group

Sporting (AKC:1945)

Gun Dog (UKC)

Size Small to Medium
Type Purebred
Life span 12-14 years









Male: 15-17 inches (38-43 cm)

Female: 14-16 inches (36-41 cm)


Male: 28-34 pounds (13-16 kg)

Female: 26-32 pounds (12-15 kg)



Black & Tan

Blue Roan




Litter Size 6-8 puppies
Puppy Prices

Average $1000 - $1800 USD

Usually, the average price of an English Cocker Spaniel puppy from a reputable breeder is between $1,000 and $1,800, while a top-quality English Cocker Spaniel puppy can cost as high as $2,500 and upward. Their price depends upon the pup’s age, sex, quality, pedigree, and breeder’s location.

Breed Characteristics


5 stars

Apartment Friendly

5 stars

The English Cocker Spaniel will do okay in an apartment if it is sufficiently exercised. They do best with at least an average-sized yard.

Barking Tendencies

3 stars


Cat Friendly

4 stars

Child Friendly

5 stars

Good with Kids: This is a suitable breed for kids and is known to be playful, energetic, and affectionate around them.

Dog Friendly

5 stars

Exercise Needs

4 stars

The English Cocker Spaniel enjoys as much exercise as you can give it. They need to be taken on a daily walk, where the dog is made to heel beside or behind the person holding the lead. Dogs who are allowed to walk in front of the human instinctually believe they are alpha over humans, as in a dog's mind, the pack leader goes first.


3 stars

Moderate Maintenance: Brush the English Cocker’s medium-length coat two or three times a week to prevent or remove mats and tangles. You may also need to trim it for neatness every couple of months. A bath every six weeks or so doesn’t go amiss.

Health Issues

3 stars

Hypoallergenic: No


5 stars

Ranking: #18 Full Ranking List


4 stars

Shedding Level

3 stars

Moderate Shedding: The coat sheds moderately, but regular brushing will help keep loose hair from floating onto your floor, furniture, and clothing.

Stranger Friendly

3 stars


5 stars

Easy Training: The English Cocker Spaniel is naturally willing to learn and quickly understands what is expected of it. A great deal of understanding and consistency during training is necessary as it may try to take over your role.

Watchdog Ability

4 stars

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English Cocker Spaniel Puppy (Black, Face)
Black, Face

English Cocker Spaniel Names

Rank Boy Names Girl Names
01 Charlie Molly
02 Max Bella
03 Rocky Ruby
04 Murphy Nala
05 Lucky Lola
06 Duke Molly
07 Bentley Rosie
08 Sam Dixie
09 Oscar Lady
10 Gizmo Maddie
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The English Cocker Spaniel must be able to find, flush and retrieve upland game birds for a full day of hunting. It must be small enough to penetrate dense cover, but of sufficient size to retrieve larger game. The broad muzzle helps when retrieving. The dog is slightly taller than long, compactly built and short coupled. This breed loves to hunt and shows it by the wagging of its tail when on the job. The English cocker has a driving, powerful gait that covers ground effortlessly. The coat is of medium length, silky in texture and either flat or slightly wavy. The feathering should not be so profuse that it becomes a hindrance in the field, but it should be long enough to protect the underside of the dog. The expression is soft and melting, yet dignified.

The English Cocker Spaniel is merry, affectionate and even-tempered. They are easily-trained, are willing workers and excellent companions. They exhibit enthusiasm in the field, accompanied by an incessant action of the tail. Dogs exhibiting sluggish or hyper-active temperaments are to be faulted. They exhibit balance, both in motion and while standing. The head is especially characteristic of the breed, having a brainy appearance indicating high intelligence. The muzzle is also distinctive. The whole is always to be of primary consideration rather than any of the parts. Exaggeration of any of the parts is to be faulted.


The English Cocker Spaniel breed emerged in England from a more general spaniel-type dog breed. When the breeds were divided, seven different ones emerged. These breeds include the English Springer Spaniel, Cocker Spaniel, Clumber Spaniel, Sussex, Welsh Springer Spaniel, Field Spaniel and Irish Water Spaniel. The Springer Spaniel and the Cocker Spaniel were lumped into the same division for a time with only size differentiating the two. This was true until 1892 when the Kennel Club of England recognized them as separate breeds. The English Cocker Spaniel is a gun dog that was utilized for flushing out the prey, driving it towards the hunters and their guns. The name “Cocker” comes from the Woodcock, a game bird that the English Cocker Spaniel would frequently flush out. Other talents exhibited by the English Cocker Spaniel are retrieving, agility, tracking, watchdog, and competitive obedience.

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