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Bloodhound (Black & Tan, Face)
Black & Tan, Face

Breed Information


2022: #50

2021: #50

2020: #46

2019: #51

2018: #49

2017: #50

2016: #52

2015: #49

Name Bloodhound
Other names St. Hubert Hound, Chien St. Hubert, Sleuth Hound

United Kingdom


Breed Group

Hound (AKC:1885)

Scenthounds (UKC)

Size Large to Giant
Type Purebred
Life span 10-12 years


Even Tempered





Male: 25-27 inches (63-69 cm)

Female: 23-25 inches (58-63 cm)


Male: 90-110 pounds (41-50 kg)

Female: 80-100 pounds (36-45 kg)


Black & Tan

Liver & Tan


Litter Size 8-10 puppies
Puppy Prices

Average $700 - $1200 USD

Usually, the average price of a Bloodhound puppy from a reputable breeder is between $7,00 and $1,200, while a top-quality Bloodhound puppy can cost as high as $2,000 and upward. Their price depends upon the pup’s age, sex, quality, pedigree, and breeder’s location.

Breed Characteristics


3 stars

Apartment Friendly

1 stars

The Bloodhound will do okay in an apartment if sufficiently exercised. They are relatively inactive indoors and do best with at least an average-sized yard.

Barking Tendencies

5 stars


Cat Friendly

5 stars

Child Friendly

5 stars

Good with Kids: This is a suitable dog breed for kids. It is also very friendly toward other pets and friendly toward strangers.

Dog Friendly

5 stars

Exercise Needs

5 stars

Bloodhounds love a good run and need a lot of exercise. They should be taken for a long daily walk. However, if it picks up an interesting scent, you may find it difficult to get its attention. They have an incredible level of stamina and can walk for hours on end. They would greatly enjoy hiking with you, but keep in mind their urge to investigate any interesting scent. Do not overtire them with walks until they are fully grown. The Bloodhound is a big dog that grows rapidly and needs all its energy for developing strong bones, joints and muscles.


2 stars

Low Maintenance: Grooming is only necessary once in a while to maintain upkeep. No trimming or stripping needed.

Health Issues

5 stars

Hypoallergenic: NoCompared to other purebred dogs, Bloodhounds suffer an unusually high rate of gastrointestinal ailments, with bloat being the most common type of gastrointestinal problem.


3 stars

Ranking: #74 Full Ranking List


4 stars

Shedding Level

3 stars

Moderate and Seasonal Shedding: Expect this dog to shed regularly. Be prepared to vacuum often. Brushing will reduce shedding as well as make the coat softer and cleaner.

Stranger Friendly

5 stars


2 stars

Difficult Training: The Bloodhound requires consistent training as it is quite stubborn, though it is eager to please its master. A great deal of patience and tact is required when training Bloodhounds. It is very sensitive to the tone of voice, so a firm but approving tone is best. The Bloodhound may be difficult to housebreak.

Watchdog Ability

1 stars

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Bloodhound Puppy (Black & Tan, Standing)
Black & Tan, Standing

Bloodhound Names

Rank Boy Names Girl Names
01 Max Lucy
02 Cooper Chloe
03 Toby Lola
04 Bandit Zoey
05 Riley Maggie
06 Tucker Nala
07 Sam Zoey
08 Teddy Coco
09 Bruno Maya
10 Lucky Sadie
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The Bloodhound is a steadfast trailer, built for endurance rather than speed. Its skin is thin and loose, falling in wrinkles around its head and throat. Its long ears are supposed to stir up scents as the ears rake along the ground, and its profuse wrinkles are said to trap the odors around the face, although neither of these assertions has ever been scientifically verified. Its dense short coat protects it from being caught in brambles. Its docile temperament makes it nonthreatening to the humans it is sometimes now called upon to trail. Its gait is elastic and free, with tail held high. Its expression is noble and dignified.

For all its calm manners at home, the bloodhound is a tireless trailer once on the track. It is tough, stubborn and independent, yet it is so gentle and placid that it is extremely trustworthy around children — although it may not be playful enough for some children's needs. Nonetheless, it is not the lazy ol' hound dog portrayed in folklore but instead an active, playful companion. Although not the easiest breed to train for traditional obedience, it is exceptionally easy to train in tasks involving trailing. The bloodhound is reserved with strangers.


The Bloodhound (sometimes called a 'St. Hubert Hound' or 'Flemish Hound') is a very old breed which was perfected in Belgium. It was bred specifically to track humans, and is world renowned for its tracking capabilities. One common misperception is that Bloodhounds are so named due to their taste for blood. In fact, Bloodhounds are extremely nonviolent; the name is derived from the very high degree of breeding that went into their creation. Bloodhounds combine an amazing sense of smell with powerful instincts. The Bloodhound’s tracking abilities were famously shown in the film 'Cool Hand Luke'. A famous Bloodhound named Nick Carter tracked down over 650 criminals.

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