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Wire Fox Terrier

Wire Fox Terrier picture
Wire Fox Terrier picture
Wire Fox Terrier puppy
Wire Fox Terrier puppy
Wire Fox Terrier puppy names
Boy dog names Girl dog names
01. Scooby Bubbles
02. Brownie Jasmine
03. Auzzie Carly
04. Afro Baylee
05. Aaron Mystique
06. Austin Mabel
07. Quixote Emily
08. Bacon Alyssa
09. Alpha Ellie
10. Hershey   Willow
Wire Fox Terrier information
Name Wire Fox Terrier
Other names Wire hair fox terrier, Wirehaired terrier, Fox terrier
Origin England
Size Type Small dog breeds
Breed Group Terrier dog breeds (AKC)
Life span 13 - 14 years
Temperament Quick, Keen, Bold, Friendly, Alert, Fearless
Height Male: 14–16 inches (36–41 cm)
Female: 13–15 inches (33–38 cm)
Weight Male: 7–9 kg
Female: 6–8 kg
Colors White, White & Tan, Black & White, Tri-color
Puppy Price Average $600 - $800 USD
Wire Fox Terrier Characteristics
Good with Kids
Cat Friendly
Dog Friendly
Watchdog Best!
Popularity No.96
Hypoallergenic Yes
Wire Fox Terrier is a muscular yet agile, active, small to medium sized terrier hunting, with enough leg length to run with the hounds on a hunt, and built to go to ground after fox. The body is square and is covered with a dense layer of wire. The head is moderately narrow with a flat skull, scarcely perceptible stop, and a powerful muzzle that is equal in length to the skull. Ears are high and are V-shaped, dropping forward, and worn on the head. The tail is straight, set on high, and normally docked, but not close to the body. The coat is predominantly white. The Wire Fox Terrier is modeled on the symmetry and the power of Fox Hound. When standing, the distance between the front and rear legs is long compared to the relative brevity of the dog's back.
Body type
Wire Fox Terrier is a sturdy, balanced weighing between 7 and 9.5 kg (15 to 21 lb). There should be more than 15 1/2 in (39.37 cm) high. Its coat rough, broken is distinctive. Coat color is predominantly white base with brown spots on the face and ears, and usually a saddle black or colored large stain, can be other black or brown markings on the body.
The Wire Fox Terrier is a double layer with a hard, wiry outer coat and a soft and dense. The outer layer can be slightly wavy but curly hair is very unpleasant. The shield is adorned by separation and mixing in the leg and the furniture of the face to give a Wire Fox Terrier distinct outline. Longer hair on the muzzle, legs and lower body should be dense and crunchy texture.

The dog must be presented with a layer of sufficient length so that the texture and density may be determined. The Wire Fox Terrier coat should be well groomed enough for a judge to assess properly the dog, but the cunning of the garrison is not a factor in judging this breed unless all other aspects of the dogs are judged are equal.
White, White & Tan, Black & White, Tri-color
Wire Fox Terrier is friendly, attentive, active, and alive without being very nervous. Through his keen expression and alert bearing, ears and tail up trembling, the Wire Fox Terrier gives the impression of a dog ready to go anywhere and take on any task. The Wire Fox Terrier is bold, but not aggressive with people. They are affectionate with children, but may be too active for some. Although rarely used for hunting now, the Wire Fox Terrier retains a strong prey drive and dig relentlessly after any underground vermin.
Wire fox terriers for the exhibition are hand stripped, and if the hair is too long, is carried out by hand in order to preserve the color and brightness of the coat. Many kept as pets are cut by a hairdresser monthly. Clipping dulls the colors and makes the coat soft, curly and more difficult to keep clean, but is preferred by many homeowners.
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