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Welsh Terrier

Welsh Terrier picture
Welsh Terrier picture
Welsh Terrier puppy
Welsh Terrier puppy
Welsh Terrier puppy names
Boy dog names Girl dog names
01. Tiger Foxy
02. Buddy Bailey  
03. Aztec Cookie
04. Jake Bambi
05. Dylan Akeya
06. Buck Lacey
07. Simba Bambi
08. Benji Roxie
09. Daffy Alice
10. Harley Anna  
Welsh Terrier Information
Name Welsh Terrier
Other names Welshie, WT
Origin United Kingdom, Wales
Size Type Samll dog breeds
Breed Group Terrier dog breeds (AKC) (UKC)
Life span Average 12 to 15 years
Temperament Spirited, Alert, Intelligent, Friendly
Height 20–22 pounds (9.1–10.0 kg)
Weight 15.5 in (39 cm)
Colors Grizzle & Tan, Black & Tan
Puppy Price Average $500 - $800 USD
Welsh Terrier Characteristics
Good with Kids
Cat Friendly
Dog Friendly
Watchdog Best!
Popularity No.108( 2012 )No.130(2011)
Hypoallergenic Yes
The Welsh terrier of England, originated in nineteenth Century. Ancestry is Welsh old black and Tan terrier. In 1886 for the first time by the UK Kennel Club recognition. Two years after the introduction of the United States of america. The Welsh Terrier is a small dog a sturdy, compact, honest, long rough bristles. The legs, lower body and head are tan; back to black (or gray) "jacket". Tail, and make it become "square" dog, body length and shoulder height of approximately equal. The gait is long-legged Terrier trot typical of the. Easy, reach and drive are very good. The Welsh Terrier is friendly, outgoing to people and other dogs can live together in peace together. Show enthusiasm and courage. "The Welsh Terrier expression" is formed by the color of their eyes and ears, position and fit.
Body type
The Welsh Terrier medium in size, compact body, strong, with rough bristles leg. The lower torso and head is brown, the hair is black, the occasional gray and white. Tail truncation, the length of the Welsh Terrier whole looks for the square, body length equal to the height. The Welsh Terrier movement has the characteristic, long-legged Terrier trot typical effortlessly, has good stretch and promote. The Welsh Terrier to people and other dogs are friendly, kind, and this shows the spirit and courage of its. The Welsh Terrier expression is reflected by the position of the eyes, color, distance and ear position.
Coat is hard, dense, outer Mao Mi and thick. The lower coat short and soft. Kiss, legs and body hair bristles and dense.
The top coat is black, up to the neck, down to the tail to the upper thigh. Limbs and torso, head is clear brown. Brown is a deep red color, the color is slightly shallow is acceptable. Top coat of gray is also possible.
The welsh terrier is a brave dog, it not only alert, active, and very friendly, have the self-control. Smart and thirst for delightful obviously in its attitude. Show the overly aggressive or timid dogs would be punished.
Walk straight, free, effortless, front leg stretch is good, strong hind legs drive. When the speed increases, the foot is a natural trend to the centerline of the travel.
More info
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