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Papillon dog

Papillon dog picture
Papillon dog picture
Papillon dog puppy
Papillon dog puppy
Papillon dog puppy names
Boy dog names Girl dog names
01. Brody Ellie
02. Max Abby
03. Oliver Lily
04. Chewy Casey
05. Amber Gigi
06. Mystic Ezra
07. Dixie Lola
08. Bambi Cocoa
09. Astro Alexia
10. Fuzzy Emma
Papillon dog Information
Name Papillon dog
Other names Phalène (drop ear type), Continental Toy Spaniel, Epagneul Nain Continental, Butterfly Dog, Squirrel Dog (due to tail carriage)
Origin France
Size Type Small dog breeds
Breed Group Toy dog breeds (AKC)
Companion Breeds (UKC)
Life span 13 - 15 years
Temperament Friendly, Alert, Energetic, Happy, Hardy, Intelligent
Height Male: 8–11 inches (20–28 cm)
Female: 8–11 inches (20–28 cm)
Weight Male: 8–10 pounds (3.6–4.5 kg)
Female: 7–9 pounds (3.2–4.1 kg)
Colors Fawn & White, Red & White, Brown & White, Sable, Black & White, White
Puppy Price Average $300 - $500 USD
Papillon dog Characteristics
Good with Kids
Very friendly!
Cat Friendly
Dog Friendly
Watchdog Best!
Intelligence Ranking:8
Popularity No.37 (2012) No.38 (2011)
Hypoallergenic No
Papillon dog is a kind of precious elegant companion dog, and toy dogs, its size is small, but very strong adaptability. Because of its appearance is very beautiful, little and dainty, particularly nature beautiful ladies love.
Body type
Size: shoulder 20 to 28 cm high, 4-4.5 kg weight. High proportion of the body is slightly larger than the shoulder length. Due to bone thin, so he is not a dog. Weight is proportional to the height.

Head: the head is small, width of medium, cranium were slightly arch shape, for round nose, black. Eyebrows Angle. Muzzle is sharp. Overhead is the central place, has obvious one being main body color striped hair carried by the white hair, wide or narrow.

Eyes: color dark, round, choosing, medium size, with eyes alert. The inner eye to check short end on the same straight line. The black eye socket.

Ears, ears: the big separation, ears behind the head. Decoration Mao Fenghou varieties, is relatively good. Erect ears or hanging ears, the ear is big in shape and less round, located on both sides of the relative position between the head.
Long silky hair, mostly smooth hair, while others are slightly wavy. The colour is white with markings, the stripes of black, brown, tan, but the color of the other.
Color of ideal is always white and other colors of the stripes. In the head, the color must be the other colors besides white cover ears, pro and con, and extends to the eyes, can't disconnect in the middle. Pure color of the head, from the beginning of the tip, the face in the middle there is a white bar is preferred. Facial pattern symmetry is very important. Colored markings on the body of the size, position, shape and even exists or not is not important. As long as the rim of the eye, nose and lips melanin is enough, as to what color, there is no difference. Belongs to the serious defects in the following circumstances: besides white, other color can not cover the ear (positive and negative), or cannot extend from ears to eyes. If the butterfly appearance is not affected under the premise of ear a circle of white edge around or spread a small amount of white hair on other colors not serious flaws. Any dog all white or not white dog belong to disqualification.
Papillon dog is very easy to close, it is the most tender, intelligent dog. Happy, alert and friendly. Physique is stronger than looks, like outdoor sports. This dog to his master is very dominant in heart, to a third party will take the heart of jealousy. Papillon dog is lively and active. Bold, flexible to master enthusiasm, docile, to a stranger is indifference.
Easy, quick, easy, elegant, walk not pulling action, or stiff hips.
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