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Landseer picture
Landseer picture
Landseer puppy
Landseer puppy
Landseer puppy names
Boy dog names Girl dog names
01. Bullet Taylor  
02. Justin Emma
03. Bubba Harley
04. Banjo Dakota
05. Teddy Brandy
06. Alley Zoey
07. Quixote Fuzzy
08. Copper Cece
09. Alpha Jade
10. Exile Peanut
Landseer Information
Name Landseer
Other names  
Origin Newfoundland (now part of Canada)
Size Type Giant dog breeds
Breed Group Guard dogs
Life span 9 - 11 years
Temperament Generous, Intelligent, Courageous, Playful, Loving, Patient
Height Male: 28–31 inches (72–80 cm)
Female: 26–28 inches (67–72 cm)
Weight Female: 45–54 kg
Male: 59–68 kg
Colors Black & White
Puppy Price Average $1800 - $2200 USD
Landseer Characteristics
Good with Kids
Cat Friendly  
Dog Friendly  
Hypoallergenic No
Landseer was one of the Eurasian Spaniel breeds. Belonging to a working dog, often seen in the search and rescue work. Many Kennel Association that the "Landseer" just Newfoundland dogs (have) a simple black and white (fur). But the FCI (FCI) will recognize it as a separate species.
Body type
The back, hips and head of black hair, can only have a small white spot. In some countries, including Britain and United States, such as a color types of newfoundland.

Body height 61 ~ 72 cm, weight 54 ~ 70 kg. The head is large, and the Newfoundland dog seems a little; drooping ears, close to both sides of the head; the eyes dark brown eyes, sincere; in static immediately tail hanging, the excitement is slightly raised. The hair of medium length, and shiny; hair white, but the chest and back will be different from the white stripes, the head is black.
Long hair, smooth, delicate touch, more densely villous better, than the Newfoundland.
White. The body area and hips with obvious black spot, under the neck, chest, abdomen, limbs and tail must be white. White to black head, kiss.
Smart, friendly, great body strong, temperament elegant, graceful gentle, affectionate, bold and lively personality, very friendly to the children. Landseer are good swimmers, most love accompany children swim together, and to protect their safety, excellent lifesaving dog authentic. In addition, may be associated with a master to the sea fishing, in the swamp area as a retriever to retrieve prey, can also be responsible for the water to rescue work.
Tasty Tidbits
Landseer dog raising management is the most difficult time is one month after weaning. Beijing pet food expert clew: this time a dog disease, mortality is high, mainly because of inappropriate feeding management, results in the decrease of the puppy's growth and disease resistance ability. Landseer dogs after weaning, must have protein in the food, feeding time don't eat too much, eat much food less as far as possible. Landseer breed of dogs after birth, to observe a few times every day, in case the female dog bruised the boy. Newborn landseer puppy dog won't urinate, defecate went by the bitch with the tongue lick the dog of the anus, in areas such as the abdomen, border collie dog wang can discharge, if she can't do that, you need to by the owner to help.

Newborn landseer dogs, eyes closed, ears to hear, too. Wang dog was born almost will open at 9 to 13 days. 13 to 17 days, can hear the sound. In landseer dog haven't opened his eyes, for some physique weaker dogs to take special care of. Bitches lactation when you need to put weak boy dog milk more nipples, must always pay attention to check, once you have a young dog climb out, want to give the money back right away. Hearing a week will only be effective after birth.

Landseer dogs in 21 days or so after birth, can walk slowly, this time to prevent it ran out of the room. 25 days after birth, appetite is very strong, breast milk is not able to meet its needs, must be added a little milk, rice water or some congee, feeding some fish, cod liver oil and meal, etc.

Landseer dogs at the time of three weeks to start medication away body round worm, every three to four weeks after repeated, until 16 weeks, 6 months to check whether there is a worm eggs in excrement. Wang was born after a month and a half, to gradually change to eat food to give priority to. To feed a 3-4 times a day, so to meet the needs of the young dog growth. Border collie boy dog lactation to weaning 50 to 60 days.
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