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Hovawart picture
Hovawart picture
Hovawart puppy
Hovawart puppy
Hovawart puppy names
Boy dog names Girl dog names
01. Dakota Callie
02. Archie Ginger
03. Auzzie Riley
04. Tucker Bubbles
05. Aaron Isabella  
06. Chico Mabel
07. Cookie Lulu
08. Jupiter Autumn
09. Alpha August
10. Quixote Emily
Hovawart information
Name Hovawart
Other names Working
Origin Germany
Size Type Medium dog breeds
Breed Group Working dog breeds
Life span  
Temperament Watchful, Even Tempered, Reserved, Active, Familial, Devoted
Height Male: 25–28 inches (63–70 cm)
Female: 23–26 inches (58–65 cm)
Weight Male: 25–40 kg
Female: 25–40 kg
Colors Black & Gold, Blond, Black
Puppy Price  
Hovawart Characteristics
Good with Kids
Cat Friendly  
Dog Friendly  
Hypoallergenic No
The Hovawart is a medium sized, powerful, long coated working dog. The breed is very versatile, being useful as a watch, guard, tracking and rescue dog, as well as making an excellent companion. The evils are larger and more massive than the females.
Body type
Hovawart is longer than tall by 10-15 per cent. The chest is broad and deep. The back is straight and firm. The loin is strong and quite long, and the croup is of medium length and slightly sloping.
Long, dense, close and slightly wavy. Not much undercoat. The coat is short on the face and front of legs, longer on the chest, belly, back legs and tail. The skin is tight and has a bluish glow in black dogs and black / gold and a rosy glow especially in blond dogs.
Black & Gold, Blond, Black
Watchful, Even Tempered, Reserved, Active, Familial, Devoted
Hovawart movements straight into a trot extensive grounds covering. There are powerful drive of the hindquarters.
More info
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