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Griffon bleu de Gascogne

Griffon bleu de Gascogne picture
Griffon bleu de Gascogne picture
Griffon bleu de Gascogne puppy
Griffon bleu de Gascogne puppy
Griffon bleu de Gascogne puppy names
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01. Scooby Callie
02. Syrup Justine
03. Baby Boy Cinnamon
04. Avery Baylee
05. Angel Sugar
06. Gunner Mabel
07. Chewy Shadow
08. Abbott Cutey
09. Alpha Azula
10. Yukon Hundai
Griffon bleu de Gascogne information
Name Griffon bleu de Gascogne
Other names  
Origin France
Size Type Medium dog breeds
Breed Group Scenthound (UKC)
Life span  
Temperament Independent, Boisterous, Loyal, Friendly, Energetic, Bold
Height 50 to 57 cm (10.5-22.4 ins)
Colors White & Black
Puppy Price  
Griffon bleu de Gascogne Characteristics
Good with Kids
Cat Friendly  
Dog Friendly  
Hypoallergenic No
Griffon Bleu de Gascogne is a breed of dog of the hound type, originating in France, and is a versatile hunting dog, used in hunting small game in general, in packages or individually. The Griffon Bleu de Gascogne has a spotted coat, rough.
Body type
The chest is well developed. The ribs are rounded. The back is short and strong, and the back is muscular and slightly arched. The croup is slightly sloped, and the sidewall is slightly retracted.
Hard, rough and shaggy, the coat is shorter on the head and ears. Bushy eyebrows do not cover the eyes.
Black and white mottled, with or without solid black patches. There is a white blaze on the face and typical tan markings are found on the head, legs and under the tail.
Alert, lively and enterprising, the Blue Gascony Griffon has a thin nose and a good voice and is a hunter intent, however, is affectionate.
Supple and lively.
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