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Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog PictureGreater Swiss Mountain Dog Picture
Breed Information
Popularity 2016: #782015: #782014: #80
Name Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
Other names Great Swiss Mountain Dog, Swissy
Origin Switzerland
Breed Group Working (AKC:1995)Guardian Dogs (UKC)
Size Large
Type Purebred
Life span 10-12 years
Temperament AlertDevotedFearlessGood-naturedProtectiveSelf-confidence
Height 23.5-28.5 (60-72 cm)
Weight 130-135 pounds (59-61 kg)
Colors Black, White & Red
Litter Size 5-10 puppies
Puppy Price Average $2000 - $2500 USD
Breed Characteristics
Adaptability 3 stars
Apartment Friendly 3 starsThey will do okay in an apartment if sufficiently exercised. They prefer cool climates. A small yard is sufficient.
Barking Tendencies 2 starsOccassional
Cat Friendly 3 stars
Child Friendly 4 starsGood with Kids: This is a suitable dog breed for kids. It is also very friendly toward other pets and shy toward strangers.
Dog Friendly 4 stars
Exercise Needs 3 starsModerate exercise is needed, however they do need to be taken on a daily, long walk, where the dog is made to heel beside or behind the person holding the lead, never in front, as instinct tells a dog the leader leads the way, and that leader needs to be the human.
Grooming 1 starsLow Maintenance: Grooming is only necessary once in a while to maintain upkeep. No trimming or stripping needed.
Health Issues 3 starsProne to bloat, epilepsy, digestive disorders, hip dysplasia and distichiasis (extra eyelashes).Hypoallergenic: No
Intelligence 2 starsRanking: (#). (See All Rankings)
Playfulness 4 stars
Shedding Level 1 starsModerate Shedding: He does shed, however. He’ll lose some hair year-round and go through a heavier shed in the spring and fall. A shedding blade will come in handy to remove the shedding hair, and additional brushing during that time will help keep loose hairs off your floor, furniture, and clothing.
Stranger Friendly 3 stars
Trainability 4 starsEasy Training: The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog must be handled with a loving, consistent approach and on an even keel. The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is an eager learner and is very responsive to its trainer's voice. Training must be consistent but not severe, allowing the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog to develop a clear understanding of what is allowed and what is not.
Watchdog Ability 5 stars
Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Puppy PictureGreater Swiss Mountain Dog Picture
Puppy Names
Rank Male Female
01 Buddy Sadie
02 Leo Daisy
03 Dexter Lola
04 Buster Ginger
05 Toby Luna
06 Henry Ellie
07 Riley Lady
08 Oliver Cookie
09 Sam Coco
10 Murphy Annie
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This is a strong draft breed. It is large and powerful, slightly longer than tall. Its movement displays good reach and drive. Its double coat consists of a thick undercoat and dense outer coat, about 1 to 1¾ inches long. Its expression is gentle and animated.

The Greater Swiss mountain dog is a sensitive, loyal and extremely devoted family companion. It is calm and easygoing, very gentle with children as well as other pets. It is territorial, alert, bold and vigilant.

The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is a very ancient breed, tracing its time of origin to approximately 2,000 years ago as a direct result of the Roman invasion and conquest of Europe. As a result of the crossing of the Roman Mastiffs with the local Swiss working dogs came the four Sennenhund breeds: Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, Appenzeller Sennenhund, Entlebucher Mountain Dog and the Bernese Mountain Dog. It is generally accepted that the GSMD was the first of these breeds, and the other three developed from it. The "Swissy" is also thought to have been a major influence on the Rottweiler. They were first recognized by the AKC in 1995. The GSMD's talents are tracking, watchdog, guarding, carting and competitive obedience.
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