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English Coonhound

English Coonhound picture
English Coonhound picture
English Coonhound puppy
English Coonhound puppy
English Coonhound puppy names
Boy dog names Girl dog names
01. Ad lib Rosie
02. Bacon Lily
03. Albert Ginger
04. Badger Madison
05. Cocoa Emma
06. Elvis Trixie
07. Rusty Belle
08. Dexter Abash
09. Harley Lacey
10. Yogi Chelsea
English Coonhound information
Name English Coonhound
Other names English Coonhound, Redtick Coonhound
Origin United States
Size Type Medium dog breeds
Breed Group Hound dog breeds
Life span 11 - 12 years
Temperament Active, Intelligent, Loyal, Energetic, High-strung
Height Male: 22–27 inches (56–69 cm)
Female: 21–25 inches (53–64 cm)
Weight Male: 18.2–29.5 kg
Female: 18.2–29.5 kg
Colors Red & White, Tri-color, Lemon & White, Tri-color Ticked, Bluetick, Redtick
Puppy Price  
English Coonhound Characteristics
Good with Kids
Cat Friendly  
Dog Friendly  
Hypoallergenic No
English Coonhound is a dog of strong build, capable of considerable speed and great endurance. He is balanced, graceful and free from exaggeration.
Body type
Chest is deep, reaching to elbow, and broad. Ribs are well-sprung. Back is straight and strong, never roached. Topline is slightly higher at withers than at hips. Loin is strongly muscled and slightly arched. Underline curves gracefully upward to a moderate tuck up at the flank. Overall proportion (measured from point of shoulder to point of buttocks and withers to ground) is square, or slightly longer than tall.
A good hard, protective, hound type coat of medium length.
Redtick, bluetick, tri color with ticking, white and red, white and black, white and lemon.
Active, Intelligent, Loyal, Energetic, High-strung
Smooth and effortless, showing great capacity for endurance. Head and tail carried well up.
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