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Bulgarian Shepherd Dog

Bulgarian Shepherd Dog picture
Bulgarian Shepherd Dog picture
Bulgarian Shepherd Dog puppy
Bulgarian Shepherd Dog puppy
Bulgarian Shepherd Dog puppy names
Boy dog names Girl dog names
01. Bentley Skittles
02. Bubba Athena
03. Riley Jasmine
04. Blaze Muffin
05. Bruno Roxy
06. Justin Elizabeth
07. Jupiter Annie
08. Coco Rylee
09. Rusty Brandy
10. Bullet Dakota
Bulgarian Shepherd Dog information
Name Karakachan Dog
Other names Bulgarian Shepherd , Thracian Mollos
Origin Bulgaria
Size Type Large Dog Breeds
Breed Group Guard dog breeds
Life span  
Temperament Intelligent, Independent, Dominant, Brave, Proud, Vigilant
Height Male: 25–30 inches (63–75 cm)
Female: 24–27 inches (60–69 cm)
Weight Male: 40–55 kg
Female: 30–45 kg
Colors Tri-color, Bi-color
Puppy Price  
Bulgarian Shepherd Dog Characteristics
Good with Kids
Cat Friendly  
Dog Friendly  
Hypoallergenic No
The Karakachan is a breed of dog that originated in Bulgaria as a mountain livestock guardian dog. Other names are Bulgarian Shepherd and Thracian Mollos. The dog is named after the Karakachans, Balkan Greek nomadic shepherds. Due to their conservative stock-breeding traditions, they have preserved some of the oldest breeds of domestic animals in Europe: the Karakachan sheep, Karakachan horse and the Karakachan dog.

In the past, this Mountain dog was widely used in Bulgaria as a border army watchdog. Nowadays it is used primarily as a livestock guardian dog and property guard dog. The most numerous populations of working purebred livestock guarding Karakachan dogs are found in Bulgaria and the United States. The Karakachan was officially approved as a Bulgarian old native breed in 2005. The Karakachan dog may be a descendant of ancient Balkan domestic dogs, possibly since the time of the Thracians. In ancient Thracian treasures, figures were found of big, longhaired guardian dogs with curled tails. The Karachan is part of the origin of the Bulgarian Shepherd dog, with which it should not be confused.
Body type
Upper line: Horizontal, straight. Withers Well-pronounced, long and muscular. Back Straight, broad and well-muscled. Loins Of medium length, broad, well-muscled. Pronounced above the upper line. Croup Of medium length, broad and slightly sloping. Rounded and muscular. Chest Deep and broad but not barrel-shaped. Reaching deep at least to the points of elbow. Under line and belly The belly is muscular, taut and slightly tucked up.
Quality of hair: In terms of hair length there are two types distinguished: longhaired - length of coat on the body should measure over 12 cm. shorthaired - length of coat on the body, neck and limbs measures up to 12 cm.

Over the neck, withers, croup, at the back of legs, and on the tail the hair is long and rough. The topcoat is straight and stiff. Over the head and the front part of the legs the hair is short and close-fitting. Heavy undercoat. Colour of hair: Two or tricolour, with spots. Most desired are clearly defined dark spots on white or big white spots on dark.
Tri-color, Bi-color
Intelligent, Independent, Dominant, Brave, Proud, Vigilant
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