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Bouvier de Ardennes

Bouvier de Ardennes picture
Bouvier de Ardennes picture
Bouvier de Ardennes puppy
Bouvier de Ardennes puppy
Bouvier de Ardennes puppy names
Boy dog names Girl dog names
01. Syrup Allie
02. Bubba Quinsy
03. Chewy Star
04. Banjo Muffin
05. Bruno Zoey
06. Smokey Cece
07. T-Bone Copper
08. Lycaon Madison
09. Oscar Gracie
10. Hylynn Luna
Bouvier de Ardennes information
Name Bouvier de Ardennes
Other names Ardennes Cattle Dog
Origin Belgium
Size Type Medium Dog Breeds
Breed Group Herding dog breeds
Life span  
Temperament Adaptable,  Playful , Curious, Obstinate
Height Males: 22 - 24 inches
Females: 20 - 22 inches
Weight Males: 60-75 pounds
Females: 48-60 pounds
Colors Grey, black, fawn, dark
Puppy Price  
Bouvier de Ardennes Characteristics
Good with Kids
Cat Friendly  
Dog Friendly  
The Bouvier des Ardennes is a medium-sized, very hardy dog of rugged appearance. It is short and thick set, with bone that is heavier than its overall size might suggest. It is compact and well-muscled, with a harsh, tousled coat and a rather forbidding appearance. The breed should be judged in a natural stance, without stacking by the handler.
Body type
The Bouvier des Ardennes is a square breed, measured from point of shoulder to buttocks and top of withers to ground. The body is powerful, with rounded ribs and a broad, firm back. The chest is deep to the elbows and quite broad. The topline is level all the way through the short, broad loin and croup, to the high set tail. There is little tuck-up.
The coat is dense, double and completely weatherproof. The outer coat is dry, coarse and tousled and about 2½ inches in length all over the body, except on the skull, where it is shorter and flatter. There must be a moustache and beard about 2 inches in length that hides the inside corner of the eye. The outside of the ears is covered by short, straight hair. The undercoat is very dense, regardless of season, and about half the length of the outer coat. The skin is tight fitting, but supple.
All colors are acceptable except white. Most generally the color is a mixture of grey, black and fawn hairs. The grey can be from pale to dark. Sometimes the coat is brownish, red or straw colored. A small white spot on the chest and/or toes is acceptable.
Extremely adaptable, the Bouvier des Ardennes is at ease in any situation. It is playful and curious, yet very obstinate and determined when defending its family, possessions or territory.
A lively, ground covering trot with strong thrust from the rear. The legs should move in parallel lines with no crabbing. The topline remains firm and level when the dog is in motion.
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