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American Akita

American Akita picture
American Akital picture
American Akita puppy
American Akita puppy
American Akita puppy names
Boy dog names Girl dog names
01. Bruno Penny
02. Hunter Sugar
03. Bacon Callie
04. Bandit Molly
05. Copper Annabell
06. Shadow Dixie
07. T-Bone Amber
08. Snoopy Cuddles
09. Jake Gypsy
10. Smokey Rosie
American Akita information
Name American Akita
Other names Akita Inu, Japanese Akita, American Akita, Great Japanese Dog (Obsolete)
Origin Japan
Size Type Large Dog Breeds
Breed Group Working dog breeds (AKC)
Life span 11 -15 years
Temperament Dignified, Alert, Friendly, Courageous, Docile, Responsive
Height Female: 24–26 inches (61–66 cm)
Male: 26–28 inches (66–71 cm)
Weight Female: 32–45 kg
Male: 45–59 kg
Colors Fawn, Brindle, Red, White, Pinto
Puppy Price Average $600 - $1000 USD
American Akita Characteristics
Good with Kids
Cat Friendly
Dog Friendly
Watchdog Best!
Intelligence Ranking: 54
Popularity No.47
Hypoallergenic No
American Akita the right owner and the family faithfully, character is very stable, home to people docile, so in the United States, Japan has been very popular! Is an excellent family dogs!

Large, powerful, alert, with much substance and heavy bone. The broad head, forming a blunt triangle, with deep muzzle, small eyes and erect ears carried forward in line with back of neck, is characteristic of the breed. The large, curled tail, balancing the broad head, is also characteristic of the breed.
Body type
In proportion, the Akita is slightly longer than tall, with females being slightly longer in body than males (a height to length ratio of 9 to 10 in males and 9 to 11 in females.) The chest is wide and deep, and the ribs are well sprung. The back is level and the loin is firmly muscled. There is moderate tuck up. The skin is pliant but not loose.
Double coat. The undercoat thick, soft, thick, slightly shorter than the coat. Coat straight, stiff and erect on the body. The head, legs and ear hair slightly shorter. Colors include white, speckled, variegated. Bright colors, clear and harmonious.
Any color including white. Colors are brilliant and clear, and markings are well balanced, with or without a mask or blaze. White Akitas have no mask. Pintos have a white background with large, evenly-placed patches covering the head and more than one-third of the body. Undercoat may be a different color than outer coat.
Dignified, Alert, Friendly, Courageous, Docile, Responsive
Brisk and powerful with strides of moderate length. Back remains strong, firm and level. Rear legs move in line with front legs.
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